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Books by Mike Avitabile

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A Rum Truck

In the spring of 2007, two best friends inadvertently start a popular rock band while driving a stolen delivery truck across the western United States.

In this standout debut, Avitabile's voice is sharp, funny, and undeniable. Introducing himself to the world through this rum-soaked tale of irresponsibility, he offers a witty, honest depiction of the spoils of Internet fame, a love of live music, and a view into a life spent wandering.

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The Whale in the Cave

Deep in a private Malibu forest lies a cave. And in that cave, is . . . well, it depends who you ask. And how much weed you have on you.

Equal parts existential and absurd, The Whale in the Cave follows the laugh-filled journey of a charmingly clueless stoner on a quest to find meaning in the unlikeliest of places.

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Two-Star Hotel
(where the stars don't mean anything)

The lives of two strangers become unimaginably intertwined when one buys a painting that the other covets.

Told through the voices of seven different characters, Two-Star Hotel is a raw and emotive journey that explores the intricate relationship between truth, perception, and desire.

The Whale in the Crib

Did you want to read The Whale in the Cave but were intimidated by the sheer volume of words and the stunning lack of pictures? Well, rest your worries aside! The children's picture book adaptation is now here!

Follow Luke and Wolf as they explore the possibility of a secret portal hidden in a mysterious crib.


Still funny! Just not as inappropriate.

Ages 0 +

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A Juice Truck

Adapted by up-and-coming author Tate Wolf - and based on a book he actually never read - A Juice Truck is the kid-friendly and picture-laden version of A Rum Truck.

Join little versions of Blake, Booker, and Pedro Bay as they take fate into their own hands after encountering a particularly appealing truck serving, well, juice.

Ages 0 +


What would you do if you awoke one morning to find that everyone in the world was merely a child?


But wait! It gets better! It's actually just a metaphor! The whole thing is just a metaphor!

In this extraordinarily verbose and ambitious pre-debut novel, Avitabile is ... well, let's just be glad that he stopped writing in this style and that there are limited copies of this in the wild.

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